The idea behind it


Imagine you could access the following:
  • 50 years of experience in laboratory analysis and clinical studies,
  • close relations to research and development,
  • long-standing network with many diagnostics manufacturers,
  • a worldwide network of experts from all in-vitro disciplines,
  • high accreditation standards and experienced partners for regulatory issues,
  • direct market access on three continents.

And then there will be a new, stricter IVD regulation. What would you do?

We have put together what we call a "diagnostics2market" package. It contains everything you need for your diagnostics development. And we mean everything. From the first thought to post-market surveillance. Including a "second look" at your product: market relevance, routine suitability, ergonomics. From our user's point of view.

We can't help but offer you this package with great pleasure.

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Dr. Birgit Gierten

“We guarantee know-how in all in-vitro disciplines and all medical and technical procedures. With the utmost reliability.“

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